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Causes of Acne: Through Yin - Yang Theory (Heating & Cooling Effect)

According to doctor Keaw’s book “Heaven’s secret 2” which refers that there’s Yin and Yang energy in every human body.

Let me post down the original explanation from the book here:

Supposing, human body is an engine. This engine requires fuel from petroleum, gas or electric in order to activate. When the engine starts working, the burning engine starts producing heat, the boiler cools down the engine by absorbing and releasing heat in the engine to prevent burning in the engine.

If there’s the right balance between warmth (Yang) and coldness (Yin) , any engine will work efficiently and maintain its endurance.

The same with our body, it also requires fuel from warming energy (Yang) from Carbohydrate (includes flour, grain, rice, taro, potato, etc), Fat, Protein, Mineral and Vitamin from warming fruits.

The boiler which resembles Yin in our body requires cooling fruits and vegetable. This type of food is the source of coldness. It also absorbs heat in the body and releases them out to prevent the body from overheating.

The disadvantage in new generation’s health is that people fuels the body only with warming fuel(Yang) and forgot about the water in the boiler(Yin). It is true that we need protein content from food to build up and repair tissue, but we usually intake warm-effect protein like milk, egg, meat and most people usually go for those inorganic, processed food with chemical content or fatty meat product.

These food will just aggravate our health because of the body will have to work harder to burn them and produces more heat which can burn and wear out cells.

The cause to acne is just like the cause of other chronic disease. They’re both the result from overheating effect in the body, with no intake of cooling-effect food to absorb some heat.

As it is explained in doctor Keaw’s theory, skin disease such as pox, sore, pus and other skin infection are the result from overheating effect that burns cell’s tissue.

There are 2 types of inflammations:

1. The inflammation that causes skin irritation and ruddy blister, because the body reaction to overload warming effect in the body. White blood cell (leukocyte) and liquid will be to absorb the heat, when the heat is reduced, those ruddy blister will be disappeared.

2. The inflamation that causes not only irritation but also sore and burn on the skin, because heat burns all the moisture in the body. Liquid and leukocyte can not be delivered to recover cells from the burn, because the dead cell that obstructs the vain and lymphatic system. If the overheating effect is relieved the following symptom will also be cured.

If the heating effect continues, contamination from virus is easily to occur anytime and the result is acne, pox, pus and other skin disease afterward when the body temperature is in suitable condition for virus to grow.

“Usually bacteria is all over the body, but they won’t be developed as long as our body is not in yielding condition. If the body doesn’t produce overheating effect, definitely, there’s no chance for virus to grow” Doctor Keaw pointed out.

In contrast, when our body is overloaded with heat, those virus will find some way to survive and will start eating cell tissue. Here comes infection!

The most important way to keep yourself away from this cycle is to eat right, knowing which food will have cooling or warming effect to your body.

Know the right thing to intake to help your digestive system and body performance maintain its efficiency without producing waste from digestion-leftover or toxin.

Translated by Jutamas Tritaruyan​on
Student of Thammasat University, Thailand