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Review for Clear For Life Book

May I take this chance to provide my point of view toward this book?

Firstly, please open your mind and put your bias out. I'm not trying to sell this book to you. Please just think that I was in the same destiny as acne victim before and I truely understand how you feel in the hopeless healing world full of medication and chemical substances.

Before I found Seppo's Clear For Life book, I had already believed that nature was the answer for my acne problem as I got rid off the allergic pimples by applying egg yolk on my face for 2 nights. That amazed me alot and I did some more research and found by Seppo, the author of the book.

Mr. Seppo Puusa, The Author of Clear For Life

I was impressed by firm and sensible information about acne which answering most of my questions about acne provided on the website. Then I decided to purchase his book online.

I started reading and following the step. Just only few chapters, I felt the difference on my face and what it's told in the book seemed right.

This is the brief I'm providing so you can get some picture of this book;
  • Detailed and sensible information about the root causes of acne which doctors have never explained to you; chronic and low-grade inflammation & blood sugar problems
  • The 6 basic elements of good health - I conduct myself following his instructions - not 100% yet but I get almost 100% clear already.
  • Easy, fun, happy, informative and exciting information along the way of your reading that will encourage you to follow it right away.
  • Real holistic healing at home with super-SAVE cost. You will have a plenty of money to do other stuffs you like - not spending them to expensive cosmetics or treatment anymore.
And now, I am on my right track. I have savings as I don't have to pay for those expensive medications. I have plenty of energy by consuming only whole fruits & veggies and just enjoy some normal delicious meals.

This is the result of natural heal.

I took this on 07/09/09 with no make-up. This is bare face. I had some acnes left from healing process of my body and day by day, the complexion is just getting better and better. I'm now preparing to heal my scars.

Compared with this...

This is also bare face. This was taken 2-3 months ago when I was still applying medications and use counter products on my face and some expensive supplements they claimed it worked! On my forehead, there were still black heads that I always popped them every night. I was also depressed by looking the ongoing breakouts at my chin every single day. They told me to wait...but I was quite hopeless at the time.

This is the book that you'll never regret your purchase. I really recommend you to have one as life-time optimal health guide line.

You can see what Seppo write about his book here or may visit the website before decide to purchase it or not.

You're always the master of your own destiny. Start with a good coach like Clear For Life and together with email support from Seppo or even community website he has created and actively answered the questions you may have there.

Seppo's Home Page:
Seppo's Clear Skin Space:
Seppo's Book's description: Click Here!

Always wish you health and wellness as I am right now :-)

If I can do it, you can do it too!

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