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Type 2 Diet: Overheat-effect Detoxification for Acne & Chronic Diseases

After I bought the book “Heaven’s secret by doctor Keaw Jaipet couple days ago, I went through it. After following the theory vigorously, the result is effectively visible!

Dr. Keaw classifies 7 types of diet according to Yin-Yang theory to balance warming and cooling condition in the body (if you have question about this, please visit article "Cause of Acne: Through Yin-Yang Theory-Heating & Cooling Effect")

His theory shows that type 2 diet is suitable diet for balancing-diet starter.

The diet recommended by Dr. Keaw:

1. Meal: (Heavy meal should be eaten at breakfast or lunch, but definitely not dinner. At the end of the day, the body needs to rest. If there’s food delivered into the body in the evening and the body will be deprived of rest which might lead to sleeping problem). There are steps of eating as following: Chlorophyll drink – Cooling fruit, fresh cooling vegetable, steamed or blanched cooling vegetable, rice and side dishes(or steamed vegetable), boiled navy bean/mung bean/soy bean-or soy milk (if not allergic), mild broth or soup (the mild soup can be eaten in every steps)

2. Snack or light meal: The recommended food is rice congee with steamed vegetable, herbal drink, fruit or grain, or cooling cereal drink instead of a heavy meal in the evening. The good example of cereal drink is Ieanag drink, Pennywort(Buabok) drink, boat-lily(wan-gab-hoi) drink, Pandan drink, Mesona chinensis(Shao-guay) drink, holy-grass(Pakking grass) drink, chrysanthemum drink, jelly-nut drink, millet drink, Whit kidney bean /mung bean/soy bean drink or steamed,Alovera drink, soy milk or corn milk, etc.

3. Dinner: evening meal or supper is supposed to be light to accommodate the body to have proper rest. The recommended food is fruit or steamed vegetable with salt or mild dipping such as soy sauce and lime, eaten with rice or congee as depends on each body’s condition.

Here’s how to prepare overheating-effect detoxification congee, according to DR. Keaw’s recommendation:

  • Boil white rice with water, 1:7 over medium heat (cooking over high heat can produce heating effect) until the rice is cooked but don’t let boil too soft and it will contain too much heat.
  • Water can be added or reduced, depending on the heating effect in various body conditions.
  • Doctor Keaw recommends that rice should be eaten with mushroom, tofu, or other protein food. Eating plain rice may increase heating effect in the body.

In other hand, protein is supposed to be avoided in the evening as it makes digestion more complex. That means our body will have to work harder, when it is supposed to rest in the evening. When the body is lack of rest, more heat will be produced and burn the call as long-term effect.

For these reasons, evening meal should be skipped or tend to be very small.

Anyway, it is the best to listen to your body. If you’re feeling comfortable, no need to stuff yourself but never let the body go starving, it’s OK to have some fresh fruit or steamed cooling vegetable with some congee to comfort your stomach.

Tips and how to eat congee:

Mix salt, soy sauce, lime to make dipping. Dip steamed vegetable, tofu in this dip, only to obtain the flavor. Chew briefly and follow with 1-5 tablespoons rice congee each time.

This way of eating will prevent you from too much salt intake (according to DR. Keaw’s theory, our body needs only about 1 teaspoon of salt each day). Don’t add any soy sauce in your rice congee, just have it as it is.

If anybody is interested in DR.Keaw’s book, they’re available at SE-ED bookstore (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t get any commission to do this, but the book is really helpful for every household)

Here are tips I’ve learned so far;

  • Human body are various, a particular diet can’t be stable for everyone.
  • Self-observation is necessary, as to learn which food comforts the body the most and stick with it to bring your body to the right balance.
  • The body is always changing. In winter, when the cooling effect can be produced more, we could intake more warming food to balance Yin-Yang (in case of those who’s gone through the first type diet and the acne is already under control)
  • Try to avoid cooking or use heat the least in food preparation because heat can transform cooling to warming effect.
  • If type2 diet doesn’t work efficiently for you, try following the first diet, fill your entire diet with fresh fruit and vegetable. (In case of serious acne problem, it is also the best to begin with the first diet)

Keep in mind that beneficial food is the food that comforts body and mind, DR. Keaw suggested.

In the case of festive occasion where warming food is impossible to be avoided, no need to feel guilty, just go moderate and get some detoxification with the first diet when time permits.

I hope this will be helpful and work out the best for all of you. Good luck!

Translated by Jutamas Tritaruyanon
Student of Thammasat University, Thailand