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Heating food - Avoid Them If You're Acne Victims

These are hot or warm foods that can trigger inflammation in your body and also burn your lively cells. For better understanding why they cause such thing, please refer to this post Cause of Acne: Through Yin-Yang Theory

All kind of rice and grain including white rice, barley, black rice, RC rice, glutinous rice, wheat, or potato, taro, yam, bread, chips, instant noodle, etc.

Meat, dairy product, egg, mushroom, lentil, black bean, peanut, fried nuts, protein in the form of preserved food such as salted soy bean, fermented bean, yoghurt, soy sauce, tempeh (soy bar), anchovy paste, fish sauce, fermented fish, etc.

Bran, wheat germ, sesame, chestnut, coconut meat, sunflower seed, almond, pumpkin kernel, cashew nut, wild chestnut, vegetable oil, butter, animal fat, etc.

Warming-effect vegetable
Pungent hot vegetable such as chili pepper, caraway, cumin, chive, onion, spring onion, shallot, garlic, cilantro, pepper, galangal (the aged one is stronger), galingal (krachai), ginger, turmeric, kaffir-lime leave, lemongrass, spices and herb in basil family including sweet basil, hairy basil, holy basil, etc.

Some vegetable are not pungent but it gives warming effect and usually come with high calorie and warming effect. This type of vegetable include: kale (green collard) carrot, beat, cabbage, string bean, winged bean, acacia (chaam), parkia (sataw), water mimosa, ivy fruit, spinach, hemp leave, bamboo shoot, lotus kernel, seaweed, freshwater weed, water-lily stalk, lotus root, passion fruit leave, red watercress, leucaena leave(Kratin), other pungent vegetable.

Warming-effect fruit
Sweet fruits are high calorie with lots of sugar content and produce lots of warming effect during digestion. This type of fruits include: Guava, Jackfruit, Lychee, Rambutan, Longan, Durian, Custard apple, zalacca, grape, mandarin orange, banana (banana with golden or greenish type has strong sweet taste and will have overheat effect) bale-fruit, sapodilla plum, toasted banana, Wollongong, Purple, green, yellow Flacourtia (Luk Yang or Takob) , passionfruit, Belerica fruit (Samo Pipek), sapindacae (Ma- ngaew), Burmese grape, red pomegranate, ripe mango, Indian Mulberry (Luk Yaw), Roselle, salacca (medium warm), ripe tamarind(medium warm),etc.

The food with strong warming-effect that can be harmful if consume frequently.
  • The food with too strong flavor or any food that is too sweet, too salty, too oily, too spicy, too tangy, too bitter or harsh flavor.
  • The food with high fat content such as bran, wheat germ, wild chestnut, coconut meat, sesame, coconut milk or cream, sunflower or pumpkin kernel, cashew nut, cooking oil, butter, animal fat.
  • High- calorie or high chemical-content meat and dairy product.
  • Fertilized or herbicided vegetable and fruit.
  • The food which has been overcooked with high heat or has been through several preparations.
  • The food with preservative or artificial agent.
  • The food prepared with Monosodium Glutamate (seasoning powder)
  • The herb or medicine that stimulates cardiovascular circulation or nourishes blood circulation.
  • Dietary supplement in the form of tablet, capsule or powder taken without particular symptom.
  • Alcoholic and caffeinated drink such as beer, whiskey, wine, tea, coffee, soda, energy drink, etc.
  • The food that contains sodium, instant food such as wheat gluten, bakery product, chips, bread, canned food, all kind of sausages, fermented glutinous rice, fermented or salted meat and fish product, preserved food, seafood (contains lots of fat and sodium),etc
  • Water, when it is too hot or too cold, ice.
It depends on each person’s body about how strict do they have to be and what to watch or what to avoid, to bring out the best condition to the body.

Source: Body code “ heaven secret 2” : If self- treatment is out-of-reach, patient and doctor will be ill to death, Jaipet Meesup (Doctor keaw) p.75

Translated by Jutamas Tritaruyan​on
Student of Thammasat University, Thailand